Web design

Many users these days turn to the Internet for researching the products and services they want, therefore it is essential to have a web site.

Your web site is often the first point of contact that prospective customers will have with you and it gives them the first impression about your business.

An effective web site will give your customers easy access to your products and services and the information they are looking for whenever they want it.

A web site is more than just an online brochure and should provide useful and original information to your customers.

Every product and company is different so in designing your web site we begin by;

  • understanding your priorities
  • the users you are targeting

We design your web site with the user in mind and balance the design strategy with your business goals.

Our sites are easy to navigate ensuring the users always know where they are and therefore don't get lost or confused. We pay attention to the content making sure that it is 'easy to read' and allows the users to find information they are looking for quickly.

We are experienced with usability and accessibility issues and ensure our sites meet the minimum requirements.

We are experienced in designing to web standards using XHTML and CSS.

Our goals are to achieve your business objectives while providing a great user experience.

Visit our portfolio page to see some of the web sites we have created.

To find out more about our web design services, please contact us.